Yet another busy week at Nav Coin HQ as we gear up to release our last few months worth of work before the end of March.

We’ve had over 50 sign ups for the beta test of our new Nav Coin Core 4.0.0 wallet which is a great response. We will be releasing the download to the beta test group within the next 24 hours, so there’s still some time to sign up to get your hands on it before the public release at the end of the month.

Please keep in mind that the wallet is still a beta release and it is advisable only to send a small amount of your NAV to it for testing in case anything goes wrong, not that we expect any problems at this stage. NAVTech private payments should be fully functional in the new wallet. If there are any issues found, they should be reported on the github repository directly so we can prioritise and attend to them.

Our other work is progressing well. With the beta of 4.0.0 completed, we are now fully focused on the NavPi, NavTech 1.1 and the new Nav Coin Website this week. We are on track to get these completed for release alongside the public release of the new core wallet at the end of this month which is coming up fast.

You can track our progress on NavTech 1.1 here:

Our timeline for the rest of March is shaping up like this:

Thursday 23 — Launch Nav Coin Core 4.0.0 Beta

Monday 27 — Start social media campaign / competition to support the software launch.

Wednesday 29 — Launch new Nav Coin website and Press Releases about the software launch.

Friday 31 — Launch Nav Coin 4.0.0, Nav Pi Stake Box & Navtech 1.1

We are also pleased to add a new member to the team:

Guy Sinclair joins us as our Community Manager and E-Commerce Specialist. He comes from background of customer service and direct sales. He is a passionate hotelier, who only recently has started flowing cryptocurrencies and is fired up and ready to shine the bright light of the Nav Coin out in the world. Guy will be working mostly on the Nav Coin store and social media channels to ensure that all Nav Coin fan get the answers they want and need.

We are confident that Guy will do a great job helping the Nav Coin community. First order of business is for Guy to learn more about Nav Coin, so please involve him in your conversations on Slack & Telegram so he can immerse himself in the product.

The rest of the team will still be available on our various channels to help out with technical questions so feel free to come and talk to us all!

That’s it for today, if you’re signed up for the beta test, keep an eye on your inbox tomorrow. Otherwise, make sure you get involved in our social media campaigns next week.

Talk Soon,

Nav Coin Team