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Nav Coin Decentralises NAVTech


On wednesday the 21st of December Nav Coin decentralised their anonymous send technology named NAVTech after announcing the release date at their end of year conference last week.

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NAVTech Decentralisation Will Be Released Before Christmas


Nav Coin hosted a Conference in Auckland, New Zealand on the 14th of December and streamed their feature roadmap for 2017. They announced that their anonymous send system known as NAVTech will be decentralised before Christmas.

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Nav Coin Conference Announces Exciting New Roadmap


Nav Coin hosted a Conference in Auckland, New Zealand on the 14th of December and streamed their feature roadmap for 2017. The biggest news from the event was the announcement that Nav Coin is officially partnering with cryptocurrency exchange Changelly. In what is undoubtedly a world first, Changelly and Nav Coin will combine their strengths to create a service to anonymize all cryptocurrencies on the Changelly platform called ‘NAVTech Polymorph.’

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Aucklanders Buy Beer With Nav Coin


Nav Coin hosted a Conference in Auckland, New Zealand on the 14th of December to announce their feature roadmap for 2017. The first 50 people to arrive were given 500 free NAV to spend over the bar with Nav’s new merchant gateway.

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Nav Coin’s PayPal Purchasing System


NAV can now be bought quickly and easily with any fiat currency through PayPal. This option is ideal for non-technical investors who don’t want to sign up for a trading account. 

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Nav Coin Announce Relaunch Release Date


The Nav Coin Foundation announced today on their forum that they would release their new anonymous send system on November 1st.

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Nav Coin’s Anon Send: It Works


Beta Testing Is Proving The System Is Rock Solid

Last week the Nav Coin team released the white paper for their new anonymous send system and began beta testing. The relaunch of the anonymous network is scheduled for public release later this month. Nav Coin developer Craig MacGregor announced that the first round of beta testing has been successful. The Nav team are currently expanding the test group for phase two.

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Nav’s New White Paper: The Cheat Sheet


On the 26th of September Nav Coin released the Navtech Whitepaper for the re-release of their anonymous network. The 23-page document was written in impressive detail and explained the design, technology, and math, behind the simple tick-box anonymous send system. The groundbreaking design uses double blockchain technology and coin sending methods together to form an advanced anonymous sending system not before seen in the Cryptocurrency world.

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Navs Coin’s accelerating technological growth



It’s been a busy few months for Nav Coin. Let’s grab a cup of tea and take a sum of our latest technological advancements.

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Nav Coin’s new lite wallet


If you were to tell your friends that now is a really good time to own Nav Coin, the steady stream of completed projects would back you up. And having a stake in NAV is now easier than ever.

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