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Month: November 2016

Nav Coin Conference Date Announced


To celebrate our first physical merchant accepting NAV and the upcoming decentralisation of the Navtech Anoymous Transaction System we are hosting New Zealand’s first Nav Coin Conference!
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Buy Nav Coin with Euros on LiteBit


Nav Coin is now available for trading on the LiteBit exchange platform.  LiteBit trades in Euro pairs, meaning this is the first exchange to offer a NAV / FIAT pairing.

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Weekly Update; Decentralisation, Nav Coin Conference


It’s time for the weekly update! We are tracking well towards our primary goal of decentralising and open sourcing the Navtech Anon Network. I also have some exciting news about a Nav Coin event we are hosting in December!

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Weekly Update; LiteBit, Obfuscation and more


We are very busy at Nav Coin HQ working on the wallet and anon scripts preparing them for decentralisation. Despite decentralisation being our focus, we have managed to achieve some other pretty cool things this week.

We have seen a large amount of attention come from last week’s release of the Decentralisation Whitepaper and the Nav Coin Merchandise Store. Our retweets and mentions are going through the roof. On twitter alone we’ve had almost 2000 interactions reaching nearly half a million people since the 14th of November.

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Nav Coin Now With Merchant Backing

Shop online with Nav Coin at

The NAV Coin team and NAV community are happy to announce a new merchant gateway integration. 77,000 and growing, online and offline retailers now have the option to use NAV Coin as a payment method. This has been made possible by and their retail partners who allowed the public to vote for NAV Coin to join the payment processing platform.

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Weekly Update; Decentralisation Whitepaper


It’s time for the weekly update! This one is absolutely jammed with good news.

We are very proud to release the Navtech Decentralisation White paper which covers how we plan to decentralise the Navtech System. How we will provide a safe and secure environment for both server operators and users alike.

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Navtech Anonymous Network Goes Live


The Nav Coin Foundation, the anon-system test team, and Nav Coin’s highly supportive community are proud to announce the release of the newly upgraded network. Dubbed ‘Navtech,’ the network boasts a dual-blockchain powered, anonymizing, value transfer system.

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