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Month: October 2016

Nav Coin Announce Relaunch Release Date


The Nav Coin Foundation announced today on their forum that they would release their new anonymous send system on November 1st.

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Weekly Update 20th October 2016


This week’s update is indeed a special one. Today is the day our Thunderclap campaign ends and our collective voices are heard by over half a million people! Thank you to all of you for helping us spread the word and reach our goals. The winner of the 20k NAV will be drawn directly after the Thunderclap completes. So good luck everyone!

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Nav Coin’s Anon Send: It Works


Beta Testing Is Proving The System Is Rock Solid

Last week the Nav Coin team released the white paper for their new anonymous send system and began beta testing. The relaunch of the anonymous network is scheduled for public release later this month. Nav Coin developer Craig MacGregor announced that the first round of beta testing has been successful. The Nav team are currently expanding the test group for phase two.

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