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Month: September 2016

Nav’s New White Paper: The Cheat Sheet


On the 26th of September Nav Coin released the Navtech Whitepaper for the re-release of their anonymous network. The 23-page document was written in impressive detail and explained the design, technology, and math, behind the simple tick-box anonymous send system. The groundbreaking design uses double blockchain technology and coin sending methods together to form an advanced anonymous sending system not before seen in the Cryptocurrency world.

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Navtech Whitepaper 2016


We are very proud to release the Navtech Whitepaper which covers how the whole Anonymous System “Navtech” is working for beta release. There are important changes between this system and the previous which we believe make the system stronger and also prepares us for the upcoming decentralisation of the processing servers.

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Navtech Anon Beta


We are very pleased with our testing of the Navtech anon system so far and hope that you enjoyed the live demo we released yesterday! Today we have a very special announcement for you, something you’ve all been waiting for. We are very excited to announce that will be launching the live beta test of the anon network next week!

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Navs Coin’s accelerating technological growth



It’s been a busy few months for Nav Coin. Let’s grab a cup of tea and take a sum of our latest technological advancements.

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Nav Coin’s new lite wallet


If you were to tell your friends that now is a really good time to own Nav Coin, the steady stream of completed projects would back you up. And having a stake in NAV is now easier than ever.

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Nav Coin Updates Anonymous Network


Cryptocurrency innovators Nav Coin have announced the upcoming relaunch of their anonymous network. The relaunch comes with updated security features and improved scalability. Nav Coin differs from other anonymous cryptocurrencies on the market through their unique implementation of a secondary blockchain they call a ‘subchain.’

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